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Main Types and Characteristics of Tool Steels


Tool steels primarily based on the name implies is used for the manufacture of tools and car parts and tools that can withstand vibrations and dynamic load different strengths. Tools can be as measuring and cutting.


Tool steels include:


  1. Carbon tool steel
  2. Alloy tool steel


Main characteristics of tool steels


Carbon steel is primarily used in the manufacture of patented wire or ribbon. It is widely used for products that need to be constantly and repeatedly heated during the manufacturing process. Instrumental carbon steel must be made ​​in accordance with GOST 1435-99.


Carbon tool steel is divided into several types for different reasons. Thus, depending on the processing method, tool steels can be divided into two types:


  1. Steel without heat treatment
  2. With heat treatment steel



Instrumental alloy steel, depending on the quality of surface finish, can be 3 types:


  1. Hot-rolled steel
  2. Forged steel
  3. Calibrated steel


Having a special surface finish is the last thing you should consider. Instrumental speed steel should be made ​​in accordance with GOST 19265-73. From the title becomes immediately clear that this type of steel made ​​cutting tools. This is possible thanks to the properties of high-speed steel as a sufficiently high heat resistance and hardness, durability and ability to withstand temperature fluctuations. Its undoubted advantage is the fact that it has excellent weld ability. offers all kinds of tool steel. They deliver products supplied to all corners of the country. Just call at +44 114 2335291 for more details.